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Gloss finish, sand based acrylic architectural finish formulated for trowel application.


CRYSTAL    |    Medium

CRYSTAL   |    Medium

Key Features

  • Now with Aquashield
  • Based on 100% pure acrylic emulsions for improved fade resistance and flexibility
  • Excellent durability
  • Tintable to almost any colour
  • High gloss (less dirt pickup)

Colour Range

  • Most non metallic colours, pastel, through deep base.
  • Some ultra deep/bright colours may not be possible.
  • Some colours may not be suitable for exterior use.


  • 100% pure acrylic polymer emulsion
  • High purity white sand aggregates
  • Mould & fungus inhibitors
  • Premium pigments & fillers


  • Approximately 10-12 square metres / 15 litre pail

Clean Up

  • Water


  • 15 Litre plastic pails

Crystal Plus

Crystal now available with Aquashield for added protection from water ingress.


Aquashield provides both short and long term water repellency for your textured finish.

With Aquashield, water uptake of the coating may be reduced by up to 95%.

Reduced water ingress will help to provide improved resistance to discolouration, efflorescence and general degradation of the coating.