Suede FC.png

Suede FC

Ultra fine cement based fairing coat for achieving a mottled concrete slab appearance.


 Suede FC - "Natural Grey"

Suede FC - "Natural Grey"

Key Features

  • Mottled surface providing a natural weathered appearance.
  • Ultra fine finish
  • Polymer modification for improved adhesion
  • Cement base provides long term durability

Colour Range

  • Natural Grey
  • Natural White


  • Premium acrylic copolymer
  • Portland cement conforming to Australian Standards
  • Workability and moisture retention agents


  • Between 5-10 square metres per 15 kg bag

Clean Up

  • Water


  • 15 kg paper sacks
  • 60 x 15 kg sacks per pallet lot
 Natural Grey & Natural White

Natural Grey & Natural White

New improved formulation for 2016

  • Easier to apply
  • Easier to finish
  • Improved final appearance