Acrylic Based Primers & Waterproofers

Acrylic based priming & waterproofing solutions to help with adhesion and watertightness in architectural coating & tilings systems.


A tintable acrylic based masonry primer formulated for use on porous surfaces prior to the application of decorative textured finish coats.


Macprime HP

A low viscosity, highly water resistant  acrylic based masonry primer formulated for penetration into high and low porosity surfaces.



A premium grade, highly flexible, one-part Class III water based waterproofing membrane suitable for internal and external wet areas.

Joint Patching & Skimcoats

Dry-mix and pre-mixed compounds offering improved flexibility & adhesion to difficult substrates.

Macpatch Fine

A low-shrink, highly flexible acrylic patching compound for setting rebated joints in fibre-cement base sheet constructions.

Macpatch Coarse

Medium grade acrylic based joint stopping and skim-coating compound for use over fibre-cement base sheet. 


Economical dry-mix jointing & skimcoating compound formulated for application to fibre-cement sheet and painted surfaces.