Paints & Membranes

The undeniable benefits of a painted finish.

There is no doubt that applying an acrylic membrane or high quality exterior grade paint to your rendered or textured finish is the best way to keep your project looking its best for longest.  Cost cutting is the only reason for opting out of a membrane topcoat. This however is a short term saving only.

From a chemistry aspect, membranes have a lower PVC which ultimately means superior durability and performance.

Basic Components of Acrylic Membranes & Textured Finishes

Basic % breakdown of key components in common acrylic paints and finishes. In general terms, higher emulsion levels lead to improved performance and durability.

Membranes will fill small pores in textured finishes resulting in a significant reduction in dirt pick-up.  This means your project will maintain its fresh appearance for longer. Membraned walls can also be cleaned and spot repaired more effectively.

Key Benefits

  • Improved colour retention and greater resistance to fading
  • Improved water resistance whilst remaining breathable to water vapour
  • Improved flexibilty and crack resistance
  • Fill small pores reducing dirt pickup
  • Protects naturally occurring minerals found in all renders and textured finishes from oxidisation caused as a result of moisture exposure 

Ensure Your Coating System Goes the Distance

As a result of its superior weathering performance, MAC Satin is specified in most MAC coating systems.  After all, MAC wants your render systems looking their best for longest.

With an acrylic membrane or paint, your project will look better for longer. Improved fade resistance, moisture resistance, reduced dirt pickup and cleanability are just some of the many advantages.