Macrender HBS.png

Macrender HBS

High bond strength, medium grade cementitious render for application to low porosity surfaces.


Key Features

  • High polymer modification for excellent bond strength
  • Just add water
  • Factory blended for optimum consistency
  • Excellent durability 
  • Improved wokability and application properties
  • Will not go drummy like traditional sand and cement renders

Tensile bond strength to bare EPS base boards (MPa). 0.15 is sufficient to pull the beads from the EPS i.e. complete adhesion. 0.4 comes away clean from the EPS.

Suitable Applications

  • Painted masonry based surfaces
  • Expanded polystyrene (EPS) base sheet
  • Rigid thermoset phenolic EIFS systems eg. Kooltherm or Masterwall K-Series
  • See Render Selector for details


  • Type HE off white portland cement
  • Graded silica sands
  • Redispersible polymer powders
  • Workability additives
  • Water retention agents for improved hydration


  • Approximately 3-5 square metres per 20 kg bag

Clean Up

  • Clean tools immediately following use as hardened material will prove difficult to remove


  • 20 kg paper sacks
  • 60 x 20 kg sacks per pallet lot