Macrender Coarse FR.png

Macrender Coarse FR

Coarse grade fibre-reinforced cementitious render for application to aerated concrete blocks & panels.


Key Features

  • Synthetic fibre reinforced for improved crack resistance
  • Increased redispersible polymer concentration for enhanced adhesion
  • Just add water
  • Factory blended for optimum consistency
  • Excellent durability 
  • Improved wokability and application properties
  • Will not go drummy like traditional sand and cement renders

Suitable Applications


  • Type HE off white portland cement
  • Synthetic fibres
  • Graded silica sands
  • Redispersible polymer powders
  • Workability additives
  • Water retention agents for improved hydration


  • Approximately 3-5 square metres per 20 kg bag

Clean Up

  • Water


  • 20 kg paper sacks
  • 60 x 20 kg sacks per pallet lot