Aquashield Plus


Crystal now comes with a new water beading technology "Aquashield".

Aquashield provides both short and long term water repellency for your textured finish.

With Aquashield, water uptake of the coating may be reduced by up to 95%.

Reduced water ingress will help to provide improved resistance to discolouration, efflorescence and general degradation of the coating.

Crystal Trowel-On


High Gloss 100% Acrylic Trowel-On

Crystal provides a high gloss, evenly grained sand finish to any properly prepared masonry walls.  Based on 100% pure acrylic, Crystal will provide improved weathering and fade resistance whilst also reducing dirt pick up.   All of this in a product which is both easy to apply and finish.

This adds up to your project looking better for longer. 

New Website Launched

After months of work, MAC is proud to announce the launch of its 2014 website.

The new site contains more information which we think will be easier to search and navigate.

Samples Online

In addition to this we are also now offering the ability to order product samples on-line.  We intend to offer more products for sale through our web store in the coming months.

Mobile Friendly Site

Another update is the incorporation of a new mobile-friendly version of our website viewable on smart phones and tablets.  All the same information is there, but in a more device friendly format.

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