3060 Sandstone

Mactexture 3060 Sandstone was the specified architectural finish for a recently completed project by BPM Construction & Development Group in Victoria. This stunning luxury apartment building is the latest offering from the leading bayside based developer.

A Mactexture architectural finish was the natural choice for this multi-million dollar project, where residents are expecting the highest level of detail and quality in every aspect of their new residence.

The colour selected for this project is a striking pure white, which helps to project the architects vision of clean lines and uncluttered spaciousness.

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BPM Construction & Development Group

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Orange Board BAL 29

The RMAX Orange Board® lightweight EPS cladding system has been certified to meet the requirements of BAL A-29 as per AS 1530.8.1-2007.

This means that all builders and architects can now specifiy the RMAX Orange Board® Lightweight cladding system for use in BAL 29 areas with complete confidence.

For further information, contact our office on 1300 889 225.